Foreword of Executive Director

Welcome to the newly established Institute for Security and Law Enforcement Studies (ISLES) at Maldives Police Service (MPS).

ISLES, formerly the Police Academy, was given the status of an Institute on 4th June 2012. During the last few years, we have tried to meet the expanding demands of our staff and to instil professionalism, commitment and quality in our service. Hence, the inauguration of this new institute is a step ahead for our management in the on-going efforts for continuous training and capacity development for our staff and a dream come true for many Police Officers.

It is an institute for all law enforcing agencies, private security sector and the tourism security sector as well. The trainings and courses on offer are designed as such to cater for the needs of our customers. Not only this, it will provide an opportunity for every Police Officer to become a specialist in the area of their interest in policing, thereby providing a career path to all staff at MPS. It will provide a platform for unique learning, skill development and an interactive and supportive environment for all participants.

The ISLES provides courses and training approved by accredited by the Maldives Qualification Authority. Our institute is ideally positioned to provide Police Officers, professionals and other officers who are working in the law enforcement sector with a unique perspective to explore the complex issues relating to security and law enforcement. We set ourselves high standards for all our courses in order to provide the best quality training programs coupled with exceptional customer service.

We have taken the first step of a long and challenging journey to become an institute of excellence in law enforcement and security. Our long term aim is to be a regionally and internationally recognized institute and to meet the challenges of homeland security. We hope that with the commitment, constant energy, hard work and dedication by our staff, will make this long journey a successful reality.

We look forward to welcoming you to ISLES.

Yours Sincerely


Executive Director

Institute for Security and Law Enforcement Studies