It is the policy of ISLES that assessment should be fair, transparent and consistent with the desired learning outcomes. In support of the Maldives National Qualification Framework (MNQF) core skills such as knowledge & understanding; application in practice; communications; ICT; numeracy; autonomy; accountability and working with others, together with the generic cognitive skills such as evaluation and critical analysis will all be assessed where they are appropriate and relevant to the desired learning outcomes.

All students should have a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate their learning and their knowledge and skills through completion of assessment instruments that are appropriate and relevant to the learning.

Nevertheless, it is recognised that not all students will achieve the assessment criteria at the first attempt and where this occurs students will receive structured feedback from the assessor which should allow them to meet the criteria at subsequent attempts.

It is the policy of ISLES that students will receive two opportunities to attain the criteria for any assessment. Where a student is unable to achieve the criteria after two attempts, it will be registered as a fail for that unit and therefore the educational programme. To complete the unit under these circumstances the student will require to re-register for this unit in the award.