This is an experiential and engaging training where you have to develop victim and criminal profiles based on available information. Although new to the Maldives, extensive use of victim and criminal profiling in criminal investigations has been in operation for many years in well developed police departments. In recent years, profiling has been used to give insight into a variety of offenders, both violent and nonviolent.

The ISLES criminal and victim profiling training demonstrate techniques of criminal and victim profiling as an investigative and preventative tool for law enforcement. In creating a profile, profilers use a combination of techniques that are considered best practices in the world. Topic taught in this profiling training includes; the various types of profiling; how a profile is constructed and exactly what information is used to develop a profile; describe what a profile is and what the various types of profiling are; the essentials of constructing a profile and what information it contains; accuracies and inaccuracies in profiling; and techniques and factual information that lead to captures.

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Course fee: to be announced
  • Date of commencement: to be announced
  • Minimum entry requirements:Fluency in Dhivehi and English