Organizations struggle to build leadership and management skills among first-level managers, creating numerous challenges throughout the system.

Our Leadership and Management Programme for Middle Managers is the ideal management training for anyone who is new to the area and wants to build confidence. Making the move to management can be an anxious time, but with proper training and support the move can be made simple. This Leadership and Management Programme for Middle Managers will provide you with the essential tools to be an exceptional manager.

The programme for middle managers on Leadership and Management moulds leader development to the needs of leaders in transition from individual contributor to manager roles. The program immerses participants in six fundamental areas: self-awareness, learning agility, leadership, management, communication and influence. In addition, they work on two issues that are particularly challenging for most first-time managers: managing conflict and building relationships.

Throughout the 1 week interactive program, managers will focus on specific skills and how-to's that they can set in motion right away. They leave the program with a stronger connection to their roles as managers and are more prepared to drive action by leading other

You will deal with every aspect of management including organisation, leadership, time management, dealing with conflict, difficult people and awkward situations. You will gain a full understanding of your role and you can enter your new position with confidence Modules Taught

  • - Personal Development
  • - Management Tools
  • - Staff management
  • - Leadership Skills
  • - Critical Incident decision Making
  • - Professional Standards
  • - Complaints and Discipline
  • Duration: to be announced (2 – 3 weeks)
  • Course fee: to be announced
  • Date of commencement: to be announced
  • Minimum entry requirements: Pass in O’level 2 subjects, 5 years of work experience, fluency in Dhivehi and English