If you are a manager - you lead in what ISLES calls "the middle zone." You operate up and down the organizational hierarchy, as well as across functions and departments. ISLES believe leadership doesn't come from holding a title. Leadership comes from effective use of self awareness, influence, inspiration and tact. To achieve results, you must effectively manage people and processes. Our Leadership and Management Programme for managers will introduce you to the techniques of effective leadership and management while allowing you to define and refine your personal leadership and management style through interactive group exercises. You will learn how to lead teams in a confident manner. You will win respect from other team members and learn how to communicate in a positive way.

This practical and informative Leadership and Management course is designed for managers who wish to develop their skills for motivating and dealing with people. It will enable you to discover the behaviour and skills necessary for improved team performance. You will gain an invaluable insight into the modern management techniques; how to balance your own expertise with finely tuned leadership skills to motivate, stimulate and organise teams to ensure cooperation at all levels; and how to pre-empt and avoid the traps and pitfalls that can cause management failure.

We at ISLES believe that by the end our course will be comfortable and confident leading a team in a variety of different situations.

Modules Taught

  • - Reflective Learning and Personal Development
  • - Transformational Leadership
  • - Organisational and personal Values
  • - Strategic Capability, Culture and Change
  • - Strategic Decision Making
  • - Strategic Management
  • - Ethics
  • - Professional Standards
  • - Adaptive Leadership
  • Duration: to be announced (2 – 3 weeks)
  • Course fee: to be announced
  • Date of commencement: to be announced
  • Minimum entry requirements: in O’level 2 subjects, 7 years of work experience, fluency in Dhivehi and English