Ever wonder why great leaders are a magnet for top talent and create the culture of performance that their organisation needs to accelerate results.

If you've made it to the corporate or executive suite or are on the senior executive or management team, your challenges are broadly different than in years past. Regardless of industry and context, leading at the top requires that you excel in new ways and demonstrate your calibre top the maximum. It's the right time to reflect on your leadership style, dissect your effectiveness and examine how to proceed in the future.

The current complex, continually changing, ever challenging domestic, international, transnational, and global economic, ecological, political, cultural, legal, technological and social environments coupled with the threats of terrorism, organised crimes such as migrant and drug smuggling and natural disasters require exceptional organizational leadership. Organisational success on any arena of engagement requires timely collaborative tactical and strategic actions and initiatives with flawless execution.

In realising this, the ISLES offers a training programme specially tailored for the executive leaders of the law enforcement sector of the Maldives - the Leadership and Management Programme for Executive Officers. This training is an opportunity to maximize your personal leadership power to accelerate your organization's commitment and results

Leadership and Management Programme for Executive Officers provides the tools leaders need to diagnose and solve business problems and issues both strategic and tactical, and influence the actions of individuals, groups, and organizations. The programme applies research-based knowledge to practical contexts facing high-potential leaders, and covers a wide range of topics that reflect the multidimensional challenges that leaders face in law enforcement and security organisations.

Modules Taught

  • - Reflective Learning and Personal Development
  • - Strategic Partnership
  • - Performance Management
  • - Information gathering
  • - Negotiating and Influencing Skills
  • - Strategic Management
  • - Parallel Thinking
  • - Civil Litigation
  • - Strategic Capability, Culture and Organisational Change
  • Duration: to be announced (2 – 3 weeks)
  • Course fee: to be announced
  • Date of commencement: to be announced
  • Minimum entry requirements: 10 years of work experience, hold executive or senior management position at work, fluency in Dhivehi and English