Assaults and gang related assaults are on the rise. Offenders now often resort to use sharp edged and blunt objects as weapons in their attacks. An officer has died on duty after sustaining knife injuries by an offender in July 2012 while many have suffered casualties while on duty. Law enforcement officers need to refresh and upgrade their defensive skills tactics. Being able to engage the learned officer defence tactics can not only save an officers life but could help subdue a hostile suspect and prevent bodily harm to another victim. The ISLES officer defence tactics training gives officers the knowledge and skills they need to know about knife attacks, surviving edged weapons, baton techniques, baton formations, human rights; ethics; ground fighting and other vital defence tactics used in everyday situations. This is an experiential training which gives officers the principles of defensive techniques encountered on a daily basis

The benefits of this course includes among others: how to counterattack to gain positional advantage; how to employ offensive techniques while on the ground; physical control techniques of combative inmates; basic principles of pressure point application; identify recommended body target; and the proper power generation and transfer techniques

  • Duration: 2 week
  • Course fee: to be announced
  • Date of commencement: to be announced
  • Minimum entry requirements:must have completed basic training