Ever wonder what it takes to be a close protection officer, VIP protection officer or more commonly know as a body guard. There is more to a close protection officer than just wearing dark shades, earphones and being physically fit. Understand the roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative, understand venue security operations, knowing: the importance of threat assessment and risk management; the surveillance techniques; how to design and demonstrate operational planning; the importance of interpersonal skills; the importance of teamwork; the importance of reconnaissance; importance of planning and selecting routes; and vehicle movement tactics and operations are some of the basics of skills and knowledge of a close protection officer.

The ISLES Close Protection Course is run by our specialist team of highly experienced trainers. The domains covered in the course includes: Skills & Teamwork in Close Protection; Legislation, Communication & Conflict Management Skills in Close Protection; Risk assessment, operational planning and safe route selection; Techniques for Close Protection Operatives; Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Incidents & Dilemmas; Anti-Ambush Training

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Course fee: to be announced
  • Date of commencement: to be announced
  • Minimum entry requirements:Fluency in Dhivehi and English, physically fit, two years of experience