If a subject becomes uncooperative, handcuffing may become a very difficult task for law enforcement or corrections officers. Safe handcuffing has just as much to do with knowing when not to handcuff as well as what to do when the offender is trying to turn the handcuffing process into a fight. The ISLES tactical handcuffing training courses guides you to the best practice protocols of handcuffing along with what to do when a suspect is being uncooperative during the handcuffing process.

The training will provide the officer with: the proper methods for restraining and handcuffing resistant individuals; know how on reducing the risk of injury to an officer in the handcuffing process; techniques for resistant handcuffing; possible problems that may arise during an arrest; and how an officer can effectively overcome these problems to safely bring a suspect into custody.

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Course fee: to be announced
  • Date of commencement: to be announced
  • Minimum entry requirements:Fluency in Dhivehi and English, 2 years experience